How do I sign up for a class or workshop?

All our courses and workshops can be booked online. We don’t take bookings in cash or over the phone so please follow the links on the website.


Can I get a refund?

We can’t offer refunds unless there are exceptional circumstances. However, we would love to help you and we would accommodate a swap of your ticket if you notify us and provide details of the person taking your space.

Are the workshops suitable for children?

A lot of our workshops are aimed at adults over 18’s due to tutors insurances. We would love to provide courses for parent and child as well as children only. Read through the course details to see which one are open to under 18’s.

How do I find out about events and upcoming workshops ?

You can find out about upcoming events by signing up to Chepstow Art newsletter. 

How many people normally attend a workshop?

We run small, intimate classes so that students get the best out of their workshops. Most workshops have around 8, with some fewer and occasionally more.


Do I need previous experience before I attend a workshop?

Usually not but check the information on each individual workshop as it normally tells you if any previous experience is needed.


How does Chepstow Art Space look after my personal data?

You can find out about this by reading our Privacy Policy 

Who do I get in touch with if I want to run a workshop?

If you would like to become a Chepstow Art Space tutor and run workshops as part of our creative programme, please email: hello@chepstow-artspace.com with information about the types of workshops you would like to run.